Michele Kambolis



Michele Kambolis was, at the time, a registered clinical counsellor with a specialty focus in anxiety and anxiety strategies. She founded and maintains a program called chischool, which teaches mental and emotional wellness and meditation for children. Her mission is to improve the mental health and wellness of her patients and followers through mind-body awareness, meditation practice, and radical self care. 

Michele needed a personal brand separate from her clinical practice to position her as a thought leader in her field. She needed a visual identity and accompanying website that set her apart from her competitors and completely visualized her online. 


I looked at a lot of her competitors and a lot of books written in her field of self-help and meditation practice, and looked at meditation practice visuals, as well as alchemy symbols as we worked towards a visual that would represent her as a person. 

I evaluated colours, both in the spaces Michele occupies (home, office, vacation home, meditation spaces) and the colours she wears and surrounds herself with. We did many discovery sessions, got to know each other, talked about what she liked and didn’t like in a brand. 

Design Process

With Michele, I worked on the meaning of her brand and what she wanted her brand to represent, which is, in part, about who she is as a person, but also about the inherent vision and mission of the brand itself. Understanding personal brand being about the value you bring to your community more than who you are is an important conversation and shift for personal brand clients, and I want each personal brand client to understand that difference and significance. 

The symbol we chose was a triangle with a circle inside it, representing mind, body, and spirit, which are all major tenets of Michele’s practice as she works with her community to achieve mind-body wellness. The colours chosen represented calm and collectedness, a sense of warmth and welcome, and energy, which is what she instills in her community through her works, teachings, classes, and recordings.


The solution had many pieces, and needed to be very flexible, as Michele grew and changed her offerings in the world. With a brand that truly embodied her and her vision and values for her community, she gained that flexibility to change her offerings through a global pandemic and many waves of mental and emotional unrest for those around her, in a way where she was able to respond compassionately to their immediate needs. 

I worked with a developer to create the website from my original designs, and we built a flexible framework from which she could grow her practice.  

In collaboration with Michele, I worked on print and online materials, paid and free offerings, her ecommerce website, podcast pages and embeds, social media and email materials.


Today Michele uses her brand and materials to communicate with her audience in a really consistent way. She’s developed courses and course materials, branded social collateral, a book, and other pieces using the original brand voice and visuals that I created for her.