I Empower you and your team with values-driven Brand and Communications partnership delivered with clarity and accountability

Strategic Brand and Communications Partner

With a passion for shaping brands and crafting powerful communications, I partner with businesses to elevate their presence and impact.

As a long-term brand and creative partner, I help brands recenter their vision and values, hone in on their mission, and bring consistency and innovation to their message. Our collaborative efforts have consistently turned audiences into loyal communities.

My values-based approach involves a commitment to understanding and embracing your brand, company culture, and strategic vision. I bring an energetic and collaborative spirit to your team, ensuring that your vision is not just realized but celebrated. My dedication to pixel-perfect and accessible communication design, regardless of the medium, is a testament to this commitment. 

I focus on key learnings to determine and execute what is best for your brand and your audience, adapting and innovating with our community as they grow and change. 

Let's make something brilliant together

As a design and communications consultant, I passionately bring my extensive and varied experience to realize your brand vision and to collaborate with you on deeply meaningful brand experiences. Whether your strategy needs direct communications with prospective partners, email marketing, social media collateral, or a combination of media and channels, we work together to determine what you need and how to craft your message expertly for each audience. And just as importantly, we determine what you don’t need, so our efforts and marketing spend are focused and effective.

My educational background is predominantly in Film and Photography, and most of my professional experience has been in brand and brand management and graphic and web design.  I bring my varied skills to your brand to maximize all opportunities to tell your brand story.

I collaborate with the most wonderful people

And they say some really nice things about the work I’ve done.

With an average client relationship length of 5 years, I am a trusted long-term partner for your business.

When I work with you, I spend time understanding your mission and vision for your organization, and we work together to intimately understand your target audiences, where they can be found, and how they are best connected with. We then strategize and produce brand and communications that resonate deeply with your audience, and create consistent and quality growth in your community.

The possibilities are abundant, here are just some of them.

  • Brand Design: let’s ensure your logo, colours, fonts and photography look and feel resonate with your audience right out of the gate. With a flexible but consistent brand identity, your audience will know you’re speaking directly to them, right from the beginning
  • Brand Voice Articulation: A strong visual identity needs a strong brand voice to accompany it. We write this brand story together, understanding your brand mission, vision, and values, so you can ensure company culture is strong and your audience connects with your beliefs.
  • Website Design and Production: I ensure all visual elements are consistent on your website and partner with a development team to ensure your website delivers a flawless user experience. 
  • External Communications Materials: I work with you to ensure that all your brand elements on social media, public-facing digital and print materials are speaking consistently to your audience.
  • Internal Communications and Templating: It’s crucial that your Word, PowerPoint, and other business templates work efficiently. I ensure they’re light, up-to-date and harness your brand consistently and effectively. 
  • Email Marketing Strategy and Execution: Once we’ve built a consistent, sustainable, and connective email marketing strategy, I work with you to create visuals and content for your newsletters, campaigns, and reach-out pieces. I partner with expert developers to ensure the exacting execution of our vision online. 
  • Art Direction, Video and Photo Production Management: With a background in video and photography direction and production, and an intimate knowledge of your brand, I ensure any photo and video content is consistent and on-brand from storyboarding through export.

And what I don't do, I engage partners to ensure high-quality delivery that supports your brand development

With 20 years of industry experience and connections, I have a strong network of industry experts in just about every other Digital Marketing service you might need, and have highly vetted each of my referral partners. Their strengths include website development and maintenance, social media management,  proposal and grant writing, ads management, Google Analytics setup and configuration, and email marketing setup. With their support, your strategy goes the extra mile to ensure you have the data, insights, and return on investment you deserve. 

I'd love to hear from you

Get in touch with your big (or small) ideas, and let’s make something great together!

I work with my clients continuously to create strategy, consistency, and content that aligns with their bigger picture. When we work together, my job is to listen to you, understand your audience, and ensure that your audience is captivated, no matter the medium. 

Whether your project is big or small, we create a strategy, budget, and deliverables that focus on your goals above all else.


Get in touch at mairin@mairindeery.com