10net Digital Signage



When I began working with 10net, they were looking for a person to provide video and graphics production support for large scale (up to 12k) video wall installations in their client lobbies. The support would be ongoing in nature, and involve client care and collaboration. 

I worked with 10net in a fractional capacity for a year prior to parental leave, working on not only video wall installation content, but on graphics and marketing materials, brand messaging, proposal writing and production, project strategy and implementation, and client care. 

After my work with 10net the brand was divided into two, in order to speak to two different target markets independently. This strategy ended up not aligning with the direction the business was taking. A new CMO to the company sought to bring the two brands together under one brand and website again to speak to their disparate audiences with one set of brand values and commitment. 


Throughout 2019 in my work with 10net, I spent time with them directly at the company, getting to know them, their clients, their brand values, and helping to create materials that articulated their brand promise to their audience, as well as experiment on and improve procedure for the production of large scale video content. I worked on document production for proposals in collaboration with the company’s founders, to ensure their vision and values for the company and project were articulated on every piece.

More recently, when refreshing their brand, I worked from a place of understanding, and asked 10net, what had shifted in the time since we’d worked together closely, and how we could articulate not only their strong brand foundation but their new ethos, as they move to serve customers in better alignment with their core values. 

Design Process

The design process on this project meant target market and competitor analysis. We discovered that their competitors weren’t thinking curiously or critically about their brands or the value they brought to their clients beyond the basic product, so with 10net, we had an advantage. We very clearly brought the energy and commitment 10net has for their work into their brand and website, to serve both their more commercial and experiential audiences. 


With an approved brand, we envisioned a website that was part tech company, part design studio, and 100% values oriented to the needs of their clients. We used space and illustration and playfulness to guide their users with enthusiasm through articulation of not only their basic services but also their commitment and client accolades, so any prospective needs could feel as supported as their current parters do.


10net now has a website that feels like a new beginning for their team – an authentic representation of who they are online, articulating their services and value, and a calling card with which they can reach out into the world. While simple, their website accomplishes a lot for their team in terms of a place to refer clients to find out more, and a functionally rich system upon which to publish case studies, success stories, and company news, sharing their commitment to the vision with their audiences. 


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